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I try not to talk too much about Tom Waits here. The username and avatar pretty much give the hint that I'm the kind of person who owns all the albums (plus bootlegs) knows all the lyrics to all the songs, and probably has a truly epic collection of animated gifs for every emotion.* I try not to talk much about Waits in case you guys think I'm totally obsessed. I just realized I'm saying this in a group that has the epic BRIMSG in it, and I probably shouldn't worry so much.

Anyway, tonight I want to share with you Poncho's Lament:

Poncho's Lament's is a not great song. It's not anything like near my favorite song. It is, taking into account everything else he has done, pretty crappy. However, it amuses me deeply for two reasons:

1. It includes the lyrics, "Every time I strum a cord, I pray out to the lord that you'll quit your honkey-tonkin', sing my song." I pretty much consistently crack up at this point of the song. It is basically the most hilariously country song in the world without being murder inducing like She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.


2. I imagine an alternate universe where young Tom Waits recorded this and thought, "Yes. Country music is where my career is." And he became a noted country musician, and probably one of the most innovative ones out there. He may have even been a major known success.

I wonder who I listen to in that universe because it's probably not Tom Waits. No matter what universe, I'm pretty sure that I do not listen willingly to country music.

Also I am easily amused.

*I don't have that for Tom Waits. Generally Loki expresses all emotion you will ever need.

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