So at my mommy's house, my cousin does moft of de cookings, and he has a thick accent. We was makings a rub fer pulled pork, an my mommy was writing de label, an my mommy wanted to know wot to write. My cousin saying "pulled" sounded an awful lot like "poo," so, we told my mommy to label the spice mix "Poo pork rub." Das is de back story.

OK. I is makings poo pork inna slow cooker. I gotted pork buttox (pork butt) an I sliced it in half to get it to fit in me slow cooker, added a can of chipoltes in adobo, two cans of coke, and a buncha nonion powders. It's been on low for about 14 hours at this point (Put it in at like 7:30 last night). So the meat bits, they are all tight together, but the fat and connective tissue parts are all soft and fork tender. Does I shred it nows?


I used Rhee Drummond's recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork, using Coca Cola instead of Dr. Peppar (cuz das wot us hads), no nonions (bc we no had nonions), and I might have only salted and peppared one side of de porc (bc lazy).…