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Poor HomeyHeart

He's had a rough day and now I'm laughing at him.

First of all, let me start with this: Homey is a great caretaker when I really need it. Today, we got home from work at the same time; he knows I'm exhausted (in the last 72 hours, I've worked 36 and slept, like, 17) so he volunteered to tend to the lawn.

He mowed and weed whacked; he even cleaned out the gutters and put new gutter guards up in places. When he came in, all sweaty, I gave him two choices for dinner: "Make something for yourself or go out to eat?" And he put up with it, even though I'd just been sitting on my ass, watching TV while he worked.


We went out and I bought a lamp and we went to my preferred restaurant for dinner. And he put up with that, despite the fact that he was starving from all his work and I was just "snack-y" from, you know, sitting on the couch.

We got home and I pointed out that the computer wasn't working. All he wanted to do was sit down and watch a movie. Instead, he spent the next hour fixing the PC so I could play around while he watches said movie.

While the computer was "refreshing" (whatever that means), he made fresh, stovetop popcorn for us both, while I goofed around on the laptop.

Before he headed to the basement to finally (finally!) sit down and relax, he stepped into the bathroom and called out, "There's no toilet paper in here!"


Because I'm superhelpful, I called back, "Well, you know where it is!"



The tiniest man-voice ever quietly replied, "No, I don't."

Uh, wait... what?

Beautiful people of GT, tomorrow is August 8th; we moved into our house April 8th. Four months ago! And apparently, Homey's not known where the TP is located in our new home that whole time.


He's been working so hard all day, mostly for me, so I'm trying not to be a jerk about it but... 4months?!

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