Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Poor husband lost his sack of weed. He is walking around like a puppy who can't remember where he buried his bone. I've never seen him look for anything for so long in his life although this search is not frantic at all... he moves very slowly searching the silliest places. I've noticed that our cat is acting abnormally hyper and it is just now occurring to me that he might have ate the weed. It was only a gram and a half so I hope if he did he will be okay. I gave him extra food and water for dry mouth and munchies.

This after I spent three hours at my cell phone service provider trying to get a new phone as I dropped mine in the toilet last night :( I waited in line for 20 minutes at two different stores and almost lost it on the guy when he told me I needed to go to an Apple store. Thankfully I was able to get an archaic loaner phone until my new one comes in the mail.


How was everyone else's day?

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