I think we’re close to the end :-(

Last week, he was diagnosed with a tracheal collapse and I was given some antitussive. It turns out that he needs the medication all the time. Otherwise, he’s constantly wheezing, coughing and fighting for breath. And he’s miserable on the medication - he’s out of it - sleepy and confused - and eats and drinks minimally.

Since he won’t eat, I can’t hide the pill in his food. Which means trying to get him to swallow which he fights tooth and nail - to the point where he pees himself out of terror. There are other medications, but with the severity and frequency that he seems to cough and wheeze, they will all have this super sedating effect.

I could get him a fluoroscopy to determine the severity of the collapse, but in the end - what would we gain? The knowledge that it’s severe and he needs a stent? He’s already not responding well to the treatment available. And the stent is not an option for several reasons -it’s high risk, beyond my budget (we’re talking in the $5000 range) and would give him maybe an extra year.

My gut is telling me it’s time, but I’m wavering because he’s still eating and drinking. But he’s so sad all the time. This is so hard.