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Poorly Thought Out Think Piece: Guns

For the first time in my life, I have been very tempted to buy a gun. I’ve shot guns at ranges before, and I don’t live in fear of my (fairly violent!) surroundings here in New Orleans.

But I have this instinct to arm myself. My brain tells me, of course, that statistically that gun will be used to kill me. I’m over here, in bizarro land, going, “What if Trump disarms the citizenry?”


I think he would. I think he certainly, certainly would. I think he would be incredibly forceful in passing very strict gun control regulations that would give his supporters easier access - maybe even force them to register into his militia to have guns?

At the very least, he’d encourage vigilantism if non-supporters acquired guns en masse.


I have been hearing the pretty brilliant idea, that minorities should purchase guns in droves and then we’d have gun control. I think it would work.


This poorly thought out thinkpiece brought to you by listening to Muse and Ladytron nonstop, which make me feel like kicking ass.

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