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Pop Stars & Feminism: Spice Girls

This is going to be a wee short because I cannot stand Spice Girls. Sorry kids. I know you do. But that was some seriously shit music. So I only know, like, one song really. But I do remember the hype.

Okay. Girl Power!!! There are obvious pro's and con's to this group but I beleive they deserve a spot in this series because they brought feminism into the spotlight and made it mainstream. They framed the message, however trite or managed, that girls could become whatever they wished and dreamed. That girls had their own inner strength and that whether they were girlie, sportie, posh, ballsy, or party (I think that was really supposed to be slutty but I'm always confused about "Scarey" Spice - I mean really the black girl gets to be scary - I'm all sorts of confused about that naming process) you had a right to be you and pursue your interests. They spread the message of self love, personal acceptance, and friendship, and female bonding. And, I think, that for a generation of girls these messages were meaningful and supportive. We had the first young group of women shouting the virtues of Girl Power, these girls believed in themselves and the girls around them and they believed (even if was a brief time) that they could rule the world.


Now, calm down. I hear you all shouting your buts and rolling your eyes. Yes, they were a mass marketed machine. Yes it was a media crafted image. Yes, there was a record company and management team creating, crafting, and controlling their image and sound. Regardless of these facts Girl Power still existed and had a largely positive influence on girls. So we're calling this a wash and I'm putting them on the list of female pop acts that have had a positive influence on women and girls and have represented facets of femininity that challenge the stereotypical societal view.

Seriously, though. I hate the Spice Girls so you get one video this time.

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