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Pope encourages mothers to breastfeed in Sistine Chapel

This is important in how he dealt with breaatfeeding by telling the mothers to feed their babies if they are hungry and not to worry about. Today no parish priest should ever shame or deny a woman from breaatfeeding. I know many here dislike the Pope but he has taken a huge step in destigmatizing women who do this in public. As he said thus is about the baby being hungy, not about the priest, not about the rosary clutching body shamer. He has also gave an interview saying caring for the poor predates communism. He also berates the idolarty of wealth and how it affects the poor. Its a longish interview. With so many Catholic politicians embracing trickle down economy and Ayn Rand's Objectivism maybe it will swing the Republican voters to rethink. Maybe they will rethink shaming the poor, gleefully pulling away food stamos to starving kids. Again I know some here are antiPope for some very valid reasons but both of these are good baby steps. This Pope is bringing the Church closer to the 20th century and focusing on the poor, focusing on ones responsibility to each other not just berating others is a change. His embracing of science ie climate change. This is starting to look like the church ideals I read in Father Greeleys novels. Yes a long way is needed but he is bringing back the ideal and lessons of the Sermon on The Mount something I never once hear uttered by a republican or their religious allies. http://ncronline.org/news/vatican/n…


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