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Pope Francis Gives Fatima Hoax Siblings Canonization An Apology Would Have Been Better

Especially for the forced prisonment of the late  Lucia for decades most of the time in solitary confinement. Only the pope would allow her visitors.


Above is article about the canonization.

The following concerns the prisonment in a nunnery of Lucia and the “supposed” miracles and prophecies. Its a very sad article. Paul John II really comes across as either a zealot fool or opportunist or both. Either way a horrible human who used Lucia and Mary to benefit the Church. Mary who was a victim of statuatory rape and had to see her son die on the cross due to God’s Will.



The following is also an explanation of how this was a hoax from a more scientific pov.

Times like these make me more convinced people should raise their kids to be atheists.

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