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Poppet Crafts Part 1 of 1

I assure you this will not be a series.

My sweet nephew turns one this week. BIG deal. I wish I was able to go for the party but alas, I am working the whole weekend. So I made a gift for him.



7 inch cubes of various fabrics from the scrap drawer at MomPoppet's house. The yellow felt was a Poppet Big Bird costume; the boat was from toys from Poppet childhood; green corduroy is from BroPoppet pants, and so on.

The squares I am proudest of are the light blue oxford ones. Every block has one. It was my Dad's. So, my nephew will have a little piece of his Grandpa all the time. The Grandpa he never met. The Grandpa who died 6 months before he was born. The Grandpa who knew he was on his way and assured my brother that he would look out for his sweet child.

He was born on my parent's wedding anniversary, her first without my Dad. He's been a piece of peace from the moment he was born.

Happy Birthday, my sweet nephew. I love you so very much.

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