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Poppin' Tags?

I'm pretty sure I'm not using that phrase correctly. But nevermind that!! Lookit!! I bought a thing ya'll! And stuff came with it!

I know it's not everybody's taste. But, if you knew me you'd know how very me it is. It's so epically me. It's about 50 years old, it was handmade in the city I was born in by people I'm pretty sure my grandmother knew. It comes with matching nightstand and mirror. I love all of it so hard and am sad I missed out on the dresser. Also, it was all less that 150 with delivery and that painting thrown in cause I liked it so much (It's an actual painting by a person!) The cabinet is in great shape, but it needs a few repairs. I need to paint it, replace the fabric on the bottom and fix some of the details.


My house is 90% white furniture so I sort of have an unintentional theme going. Coastal/beachy/shabby/cottagey? That's not how I planned it, but, that seems to be what the things I buy end up looking like. If you have any fabulous suggestions, GTers, I'd love to hear them. What are your thoughts on colors? Hand paint vs rollers vs spray paint? Whenever I've refinished before I've hand painted, but this thing is a beast and might take me a year if I do it that way.

What awesome things have you found in thrift stores? Include pictures if you can! Do you, like me, have terrible wonderful taste in furniture? Tell me tales of the tags you've popped. (I'm still not sure I'm using that right....)

ETA: The other things I mentioned, but didn't originally post pictures of. Forgive my house. I just moved, so things are still chaotic and mostly boxed. I'm getting there.


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