I thought this was a really interesting article.


In the porn business, working with black male actors is often viewed as the final, most extreme frontier in a white starlet’s career.


Popular industry wisdom has it that a female performer must slowly expand the range of things that she does on camera — going from standard “boy-girl” scenes to anal sex to gang bangs, for example — in order to build intrigue and keep her star from burning out too quickly.

This hierarchy usually proceeds according to which sex acts are considered most taboo and, sometimes, most physically demanding for the female performer. But “interracial” porn, which is frequently seen as the ultimate feat for an actress, is held out as more extreme not because of which body part goes where but because the adult industry reflects the old attitude society still holds on to — that the color of a sexual partner’s skin can by itself make the act forbidden.

“It’s gross and racist, and I’m just sick of it,” says Deen. “It’s rampant s—- that’s making it really difficult to actually get any sort of interesting scenes or to actually have a diverse group of performers, because what ends up inevitably happening is every scene just turns into a bunch of white people, and it’s getting really frustrating.”