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Positive Story Time! Mr. Unicorn's first foray is SJWing!

I am so proud of Mr. Unicorn. I feel like a swollen happy balloon.

Last night Mr. Unicorn came home confused and second-hand irate over the #YesAllWomen hashtag, because he inhaled second hand fundi-misogynist fumes his boss was exhausting at length. He asked me what the hashtag was all about and parroted some insane slippery slope theory his boss had theorized. Ladies and gentleman, I ask you, look down this hashtag to two decades from now, look at the chaos this hashtag will bring - is that what you want?!

Anyway, I explained the hashtag to him at length, with varying degrees of patience. He got it, and started asking me how to educate others. He seemed genuinely confused about what to do if he encounters a misogynist in the wild. Today he is at the office and a coworker and mutual friend (hiking group buddy!), let's call her Jane, doesn't understand the hashtag and started railing on it. He sends me an adorably panicky message which says Jane is angry about the hashtag and is getting shouty. He doesn't know what to do to address the confusion. What should he say? So we pow wow real quick, then he goes to talk to her with those ideas in mind. She came around! He messages me saying "Now she's looking at the hashtag more carefully. Do you have more examples? I think Jane has avoided a lot of this social media drama, so she didn't quite get it, like me in a way. Now she does." I was pleased and said "Yay good job!" and he (TOO CUTE FOR WORDS*) said "Yea I feel good!! :)"



My bro, feminist and jokester: "Soon he'll be a misandrist feminazi."

*Disclaimer: I am biased.

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