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Possible problem? Maybe?

(TW - food / eating / body image)

And here's some filler to get the main stuff after the jump.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Is that enough? Yeah I think that's enough.

I think there might be a problem. I'm not sure where to begin talking though. It seems to be an aspect of my personality that I'm "all or nothing", and it's showing itself with food at the moment.


Last week I couldn't stop eating. This week I'm barely eating anything.

I feel like I function better without food (just hear me out..) under certain circumstances.


Some background: I don't buy into "eat every 3 hours or your body will eat itself!!1!". I have noticed over the years that eating processed / high carb food triggers blood sugar swings, cravings, weight gain; and that eating higher fat and protein with fewer carbs* evens out this rollercoaster. The latter type of food also allows me to notice but ignore hunger. In fact, it only goes as far as "hmm, feeling a bit peckish there".

I have a couple of illnesses/conditions that limit my exercise and also make it very easy to put weight on. It isn't "being big" that bothers me – it's that when I'm bigger I get out of breath on walks, I can't carry things I need to, my clothes wear out quicker....it's all the stuff that goes along with being bigger in my case.


It's not that I dislike or fear food. I bloody love it. I grow it, kill it, cook it.

I seem to have a choice between stuffing my face, feeling bloated, sick, sluggish and horrible OR having one big meal a day, feeling lively in between, having time to do other things.... And let's face it, it saves money and washing up! When I'm in the over-eating loop, I start getting worried about where the next "fix" is coming from. When I'm eating less, I feel... free? As in, independent of that worry? Does that make sense?


I do know of people who eat once a day, but they tend to be fitness-fanatic / bodybuilding men, and they are chowing down thousands of calories on an evening.

I don't really know what I'm expecting as a response, I guess just to see if anyone else has been in an odd situation, that could be harmful or could be no big deal?


*I'm not talking about turkey and egg white omelettes, yuck. I mean lamb breast with carrots and onions and leeks, as an example.

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