1. Bullet journals sound like a stupid waste of time to me. I get some people like them, but it’s not a trend I’m interested in so I don’t want to hear about it.

2. Some people use extensive planning and organization as a means to procrastinate. That’s fine if you realize it’s procrastination, but don’t pretend you’re better than other people because you devote hours each week to it.

3. If you use planning and organization as a way to procrastinate your own work, fine. But enforcing your own procrastination techniques in the name of “productivity” is counter-productive.

4. If you are managing a group of people and having problems with “miscommunication” and “poor organization” despite multiple organization and messaging platforms, adding yet another organization platform is not going to fix anything. Especially if it largely duplicates the functions of the other platforms,and require extra effort to duplicate stuff in multiple places.

5. Wearing makeup while working out is ridiculous. It’s just going to sweat off.

6. Wearing makeup while camping is ridiculous. It’s extra shit you have to carry, and it’s just going to sweat off, wash off, and/or get dead mosquitoes and blood stuck in it when you smack the mosquitoes biting your face.


7. Makeup can be fun, and can give people confidence, but if you feel that your bare face is unacceptable to be viewed by others, that’s a form of body dysphormia.

8. When you voice your own body dysmorphia issues regarding clothing size and or breast size (especially when it’s smugly suggesting your “victories” about being a certain size), you’re also insulting every person that has larger measurements than you.

9. There’s nothing wrong with having a cup size larger than a D or DD and when you voice your opinion that you thought being that size as breastfeeding woman was “obscene,” and how “grateful” you are to be a normal size, you are telling every woman with a larger size that their bodies are obscene and wrong.


10. Yoga is not a competition . If you literally can’t handle being in a yoga class with other people without possibly injuring yourself in your need to prove that you are THE BEST, you are missing the entire point.

Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, or address your own opinions/other unpopular opinions.