I'm getting married in a year and this is only going to get more frequent. Particularly because after this weekend, I will have been to 9 weddings this year and it's all I think about despite my natural resistance to all things planned, organized, and traditional.

I know it's customary to invite wedding party/close friends, family, and all out-of-town travelers to rehearsal dinner. But I'm going to have a lot of out-of-towners and I'm kind of...uninterested in hosting them all the night before, particularly because our families alone will constitute about 80 people. Would this be..uhmmm...a major problem?

I was talking to my mom about it (full disclosure: she always takes the side of whatever's cheapest, and *manners* are not exactly her forte). She said the reason is so that you don't have out of town guests twiddling their thumbs in their hotel room. But I live in New Orleans. If they do that, they're idiots! So I thought, WHAT IF I make them a little personalized travel guide of our favorite places, and be like, "go here and eat, HML would order this, Boyancé would order that, then go here and take pictures" I dunno.

Is this weird? My mom likes this idea which makes me think it's a bad one. I know I'm going to piss some people off but I really want to be a good hostess - that's really my biggest concern. Placecards and flowers and centerpieces and something blue can eat shit and die - I just want everyone to have an awesome weekend.

ETA: You guys have given me an overwhelmingly "go for it!" answer and I am pleased. You never cease to please me.