I'm so damn tired. But I'm not sleepy I hate that feeling.

-we couldn't set up last night because the American Legion had a meeting . So me, the brides mother and the tiniest bridesmaid had to set up all the tables and chairs. Did they clean up the 80 or so chairs that were set up for the meeting. Nope.

-Stupid liquor laws/rules: We brought our own booze, few bottles of wine and a giant jug of sangria but the brides mother had to pay for a bartender to be there. To pour the liquor we bought and made.

-Food was decent, typical catering food, ziti with meat, chicken marsala, roast beef with gravy, and cold cuts with bread and rolls, one loan garden salad, sorry 2 vegetarians (bride's mom didn't ask for input)

-Thing that worked well: 41 people RSVP'd we set up 6 tables of 8 which made it easier for the bride and her mom to table-hop and let people mingle


-5/6 of the bridal party was there, 4 of us friends of the bride and the groom's sister The bride's mom said you girls and the Bride have your own table. We tell the groom's sister and she straight up blew us off and sat with her mother, aunts and cousins. Even her cousins were more polite and made sure to introduce themselves and invite us to a night they were doing for the bride.

-Don't ever assume the hall has pitchers you can use for the table. Thank God for the dollar store down the street. I'm now the proud owner of 6 plastic pitchers, and nowhere to store them.


-Guess who got to run around passing presents to the bride, and stacking them. Also watching someone open gifts is seriously the lamest part of the shower.

-Also can we stop giving the bride lingerie and wooing, and carrying on about the wedding night. When the bride and groom own a house together and have been living together for 2 years it's just tired and yes I will roll my eyes at you, crazy drunk aunt.