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Post Burglary, Day 7

Things that happened today, one week after this.

1) I found a pair of earrings in my purse and almost burst into hysterical tears at work. All my jewelry was stolen, and this one pair of earrings was like getting a little piece of myself back.


2) I couldn't get in my front door and I was so freaked out I started shaking. That's what happened last Monday. I couldn't get in the door because it was barred from the inside. I knocked on my neighbors door and no one was home. I was too scared to go around to the back door myself, but luckily, the mail carrier was in my foyer and she agreed to come with me. I also had the building engineer on the line while I was opening the door. As it turns out, the lock was just a little sticky.

3) I now have bars over the one window that didn't have them and my alarm system is installed and armed. I feel much, much safer now. It feels like there's a huge weight off my shoulders. I think I might get a decent night's sleep tonight.

4) The police might have caught the burglar. On Friday (4 days post burglary) someone in the building noticed a man casing the joint, snapped a pic and called the police. The building engineer said last he heard they had cornered him in a two block area and were closing in. I now feel really stupid for canceling the evidence team who would have dusted for prints, but this guy was clearly a professional so (a) likely he was wearing gloves, (b) I have to live in my home and couldn't live in a ransacked apartment, and (c) they couldn't manage to get someone there while I was home, or before 10pm. I probably won't get any of my stuff back, but I'll rest easier if he's off the streets.

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