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Post college life

AKA, what to do with my life now that I’m done chasing the academic carrot for the next year!

I feel pretty good overall...there’s this strange sensation in my brain. I think it’s called quiet? Stress reduction? I’m unfamiliar.

I started back at work today, officially full time. I do kind of wish I had an extra couple of days off to recover from the madness of this weekend. I don’t dislike my job, it’s just incredibly slow, because the location is new and we don’t have a vibrant patient base yet. The commute isn’t too too bad and I’m getting health insurance and PTO next week- all good stuff. I have thought about looking for something related to psych or counseling but for a bachelor’s level person, I’d be taking a pay cut, and I feel like I need to start saving for grad school ASAP. I’m still going to look around for sure, I’m just trying to keep the slightly longer terms stuff in focus.


Outside of that, I’m kind of open to whatever is coming in the next year. I’m turning 30 in like 7 weeks so I’m thinking about what I’d like to do to celebrate, and I’m going to Boston in March with a friend for funsies and to visit schools. (Sidebar, if you’re from Boston/have visited, any recs for stuff to do/places to eat are greatly appreciated!) I want to start grad school in 2019 but I’m not sure whether that’ll be January or August, just due to the fact that not all schools admit new students in the spring.

I’m excited to enjoy hobbies again, most of all. I have missed cooking at home and reading for fun so much. I’m also on the lookout for music opportunities- I REALLY want to keep singing and I feel like I need to strike while the iron is hot, and not fall out of practice. I’m going to an open rehearsal for a city sponsored women’s chorus in January.

It’s a completely weird feeling when you’ve finally accomplished something that you’ve chipped away at for what seems like forever (for me, it was on and off for a decade). It’s like there’s an emptiness but it’s not necessarily bad. I’m trying to frame it like, I get to decide who I want to go be now. I’m in the midst of a huge life change and I have permission, from me, to reinvent myself. It’s freeing, but also scary...I just know I want to be happy and make new friends and enjoy myself in ways that being in school had prevented me from doing.

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