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Post Debate OT (because I can't talk about politics enough)

Sorry h8ers and loozers, but Hillary fucking nailed it. My husband was like “she had a lot of opportunities for really serious blows that she missed” and while she DID, she also took a bunch of them, and had to spend some time smirking while Donald did his own damage. I think she was magical last night. She could have dealt blow after blow after blow but part of her challenge was she has to fight seeming like an aggressive out of place woman. Employing her “let him dig his own grave” strategy the campaign has been using in attack ads, in my opinion, was the perfect move.

Stray thoughts [a lot of em]:

  1. It’s like she went, “so they want me to smile more, huh? I’ll show you a fucking smile.”
  2. Donald Trump talking about Rosie O’Donnell deserving whatever name-calling he did to her, mere seconds before saying he didn’t “deserve” how mean Hillary is to him
  3. I don’t know if he felt this way (since it seems to be his standard), but Trump seemed incredibly flustered and panicked.
  4. We all kept worrying that expectations were so low for him that he’d end up winning or it would appear to be a tie (generally, people are not reporting this as a tie). Turns out that low ass bar was still too high for him.
  5. I’m hearing people worry he’ll bring it to the next debate. He might, I dunno. But here’s what would have to happen over the next two weeks: 1) He’d have to admit to himself and anyone else that he blew it, 2) he’d have to literally change his instincts and demeanor - basically undergo a personality change, and 3) he’d have to study up! I don’t see those all happening.
  6. There are all these things that I remember him saying that I can’t remember the context for. It was a 90 minute stream of consciousness and I don’t know what he said.
  7. He did some really hardcore lying. Like really, really blatant and hardcore. Not that it’s a surprise but...he pretty much yelled at Lester Holt about it. That’s not a pretty look, Trump.
  8. I thought Lester Holt did a pretty good job. Moderators don’t traditionally fact check (although I think they should) and he did a bit of fact checking and, at least in some instances, didn’t let Trump get away with lies). Overall, I think the best moderators are those we don’t remember much about.
  9. I’m relieved no one trying to be “fair and balanced” can actually say that Trump did anything unexpected in terms of looking presidential or having specific policy positions.
  10. Trump had some opportunities to exploit Clinton’s weaknesses (I mean, she barely had to respond about emails and he didn’t mention Benghazizi!!!11!!! once). He couldn’t listen enough to participate in the conversation though, so he missed those opportunities. The debate is a chance for him to make Hillary answer for these things. He blew it because he had to be the talker.
  11. Trump was on defense the entire time. He barely even had to be - she barely said shit before he went ballistic.
  12. I watched on Bloomberg b/c they promised fact checking and DID NOT DO IT. I think I saw one fact check, about ten minutes after the topic ended.
  13. According to informal polls and voter interviews, it seems that this debate might have done a good job in getting Hillary supporters more enthusiastic, and Hillary hesitators (is that a word?) on board. Good.
  14. I hate that Trump managed to deflect his way out of the fact that he harped on her looks and tried to make it about stamina. Um, you said looks dude. You harp on her stamina too but you said look.
  15. Love how Clinton is such a villain for running negative ads but they’re just his own words making him look like an asshole.
  16. Clinton handling getting interrupted like a badass. Her voice was steady, she got her points across, and she was cool and calm.
  17. NPR interviewing Mook this morning like, “what do you have to say to the criticism that she’s a policy wonk” AS IF THAT’S BAD. AS IF THAT’S FUCKING BAD, INSKEEP.
  18. All the fears I had of Trump managing to appeal to the mainstream have melted. The key is getting Hillary’s potential voters enthused, since no one is changing their minds.
  19. Quotes from my Republican relatives: “So many missed opportunities!!!” and “Debates don’t really matter.” I’m sure there are a few who think he won but the rest of us live in this world and not theirs.
  20. Everyone stumbled in the racial conversation. I know it didn’t actually help her, but I was pleased Hillary didn’t manage to come off robotic and rehearsed at least.
  21. Trump was so busy talking, Hillary didn’t even have to respond to the Super Predator comment. I am sure she would have said “I apologize for that, bla bla” but it’s just another example of how bad he is at debating!
  22. I mean, obviously Trump didn’t answer any questions or say anything real. So that. Not a surprise nor will it sway anyone who likes to live in his fairy land, but it rang true, once again.

I think in our modern age, one of the debates should be set up like this:

  • Moderator shows a screenshot of a Tweet or FB post or whatever, OR plays audio of candidate saying something.
  • Moderator says, “you have been criticized for this because XYZ. How do you respond?”
  • I think this would do a lot of the job of fact-checking.

ETA: As someone said on The Slot, I think history is going to look back at this election and not only criticize us because of Trump, but really shame our country on how we treated the first female President (or, at least, female major party candidate). I think we are going to have to answer for this shit when our grandkids come asking.

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