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Post Election Thoughts

I voted and know all Americans here voted. I truly believed the 538 who said Hillary had a 70 plus percent chance of winning and Huffington that scorned 538 for giving Trump such good odds while they out Hillary at 98.1 percent chance.

This election was not even close. I never, ever imagined Trump would win PA, Wisconson, Ohio and Michigan. Never ever. PA was strongly leaning Trump’s way at about 1:15am.

He did.

Van Jones on CNN called it White Whiplash. Another called it Brexit 2. Both are correct in many ways.


I suspect it is deeper then that. For years, prior to Palin in 2008 I thought we had a huge problem with education. I remember in 2008 Palin attacking the educated as elites. Elites in her context was a slur.

Being educated was something to aspire to. Palin turned it on his head. Obama had it half right when he called many Republicans as clinging to their guns and bibles.

Now we see them clinging to ignorance and seeing education as bad. Not all but enough to have caused a voting coalition around Trump to get him elected President.

Yes many wanting factory jobs back yet this ties to clinging to ignorance and seeing education as bad. There is a law that animals follow to survive. The law is simple adapt or perish. For species survival this is critical. Too many folk do not believe this law. If they believed in this law they would adapt. Instead they cling to going back to the past or having world fit around them. Both being dead ends.


They believe Trump can give them back their past. They believe Trump can give them a world that fits around them. Neither is possible.

Of course we also have the racists and bigots who came out.

I fear for our future.

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