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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Post Meet-up freak out!

The SoCal meet up was fun! Mrchien and I brought the ugly to the market. Seriously, y'all are a good looking bunch! The Central Market had excellent food btw, and next time we're getting ice cream!! (we decided this on the drive home) It was fun to put screen names and faces together, although you're gonna have to remind me who you are again, sorry! Anyways, now i'll be able to hear your voices in your writing :D When i last saw the remainder of the group they were off to get drinks and to sing the songs of their people!

But then on the way home, i worried that i was too chatty, i worried that i came off too distracted and weird. Mrchien did point out that at some point people gotta accept me for my weird, chatty self, but my brain keeps saying that I talk too much and the quieter folks felt ignored or that i talked over them. That i need to get better at managing my adhd symptoms and I need to not dominate the conversation, and... and... and...


Does anyone else have freak outs like this? Any suggestions on how to handle this kind of thing? Cuz although i hate to admit, my husband is kinda right....right?

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