Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am well rested and drinking peach iced tea (#peaktea), so I am in a super fabulous mood. I am also new to posting on GT, so hello to people wondering 'who is this strange excitable person?'!

This is a POST OF RANDOMNESS. Feel free to comment/critique/complain about my randomness or post your own randomness in the comments. FUN FACT: My username when I was in high school was 'Random' because I was so, like, different and special.

  • I spent about 2 hours poring over my digital EW today because GAME OF THRONES. I'm so excited but also a little worried. GRRM is not commenting on this season and also not working on it. I'm glad he's focusing on the book but I kinda got a sense that the relationship might have soured a bit? I really hope I'm reading it wrong. Also, we're now at the point where watching the show could potentially spoil the book series. But Maisie's Braavos outfit is so awesome! #decisions
  • In the same issue, FROOT (by my personal life coach Marina & the Diamonds) received an A- rating which is really awesome. Even though 'Happy' is like my life goal/metaphor/thing right now (Yes, I did send it to my therapist and she did listen to it), I am addicted to the latest release, 'Forget'. She's such an amazing songwriter.
  • In not so awesome news, I wrote a slightly scathing book review and got corrected by the author on a pretty big point. Yeah, I'm gonna need some aloe for that burn.
  • What is the best way to keep the yellow out of your hair? I have lavender hair and somehow the brassiness of my bleached blonde underneath keeps sneaking in. Purple colour reduces brassiness but there are certain spots of my head that are not co-operating. I've been washing my hair with John Frieda Brilliant Blonde (the reducing brassiness one) but it's not making a difference. I'm thinking I'm either going to have to let my colour fade and have my whole head re-toned ($$$!), buying the vibrant purple oVertone and adding the bolder colour to cover up these spots ($$$!), or buying a platinum toner and doing it myself at home (not so much $$$ but I am totally bad at hair shit). Advice PLS!
  • I'm going to plug Quad City Chaos 2015 here now because it's going to be awesome and you should all come. Also, company is fun! I'll be going to all 9 bouts and having a buddy(buddies) for part of it would be fab. Also, you get to see the magnificent Beaver Mansbridge dance her way through blockers LIKE A BOSS in the B-Team games.
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  • Tea Talk! I've said this before, but kinja really needs to step up its Steepster game. I'm on there under the username LisaElizabeth. Come join, review, swap and talk tea. This thread about what tea you would drink in the event of a zombie invasion is particularly fun.


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