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POST OFFICE RAAAAAGE (warning: rant)

Ughhhh. I mailed a bill payment two weeks ago. About a week ago, the recipients asked about the payment status — because it hadn't yet arrived. I mentioned that I'd accidentally mailed it a couple days later than I meant to, but I sent it priority so that it would get there roughly on time and it should have arrived several days before. Recipients said not to worry about it, since it was on its way. WELL. IT JUST ARRIVED IN MY DAMN MAILBOX. The label says "insufficient address, unable to forward." When I tracked it, new details came to light — I think what actually happened is they sent it to a post office 20 miles away from the town it was supposed to be delivered to. There is no other reasonable explanation for it being out for delivery in the wrong zip code and then returned. There wasn't delivery confirmation or anything else that would cause a hiccup.

This is the second time in six months that a bill payment has had a problem due to something beyond my control, and I haaaaaaate it. Fortunately, it's not going to be a huge problem this time, but it's still pretty fucking inconvenient.


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