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Welcome To The Bitchery

Post Sleep Lab Sleepies

One thing I didn’t expect about doing a sleep study (even though I’ve been warned), it’s exhausting as hell!

I finished my sleep study at about 5:00pm, I was in bed asleep at home at 8:00pm and didn’t officially get up until 1:00pm today. There were short stretches where I was awake for an hour or so, but for the most part I was asleep. I think repeatedly getting myself into nap mode really messed me up. It’s sort of like getting jet lag without going anywhere. I also woke up more achy than I was when I went into the study, and at least then I kind of understood it was because anxiety sets off soreness for me.


Washing the salt gel out of my hair was both easier and harder than I expected. It came out in one wash, but it was a very thorough wash where I let the shampoo soak for a few minutes like my hair was a dirty pot. This was followed by fist fulls of conditioner, because long hair and so much shampoo and salt does not mix! I scrubbed and scrubbed, but I still had random salt spots on my legs that I completely forgot about.

I have so much stuff to do, errands to run, but I’m still so worn out. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking another nap today. Hopefully I’ll find out why in the world I am more tired than ever.

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