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Phew! As some may have seen LittlePartner and I had a surprise visit from her mother this weekend that we were really anxious about all of last week. So Friday was a day of intense cleaning that I ended up being immensely proud of! Thyank you everyone who kicked my butt to get me off the internet and on my hands scrubbing the bathroom floor. It was overdue and the house looks absolutely fabulous. LittlePartner kept telling me how awesome I was (I know :p) and offering to take me out for a nice dinner. I countered by telling her that if she really wants to show gratitude she can help to keep it this clean-ish going forward. I have my finger's crossed.

But the visit was great! LP and her mother went out for dinner together Friday while I zoned out after being an unhinged cleaning-machine all afternoon. But Saturday was awesome! We met my parents at our favorite little New England breakfast spot for pumpkin pancakes and waaaay too many carbs (I had a whole order of French Toast and a whole side of homefries all by myself— oh my god I haven't eaten that much in forever!).


But then we all went to (and I'm about to sort-of dox myself) the Grist Mill and spent a great while walking about on the beautiful grounds. This time of year it looks like this:

We took a lot of pictures and everyone got along very well! It was awesome because it was the first time the parents have met each other.

The rest of the weekend was more chill including a great dinner and a lot of hanging out this morning at our place.


And now LP is curled up on the couch sleeping and I'm about two yawns away from the same.

Again, THANK YOU FOR MOTIVATION, GT! It was totally worth it!

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