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We already know FluterDale loves Groupthink, but what are you appreciating right now? (I feel like this Monday has been unusually rough, and I'm trying to be positive instead of complaining about my persistent headache.)

Tonight I'm pretty happy about the fact that while my dad got angry on occasion, he almost never yelled. (He's a high school teacher, and I remember his students—many of whom were also my friends—once asking me if I'd ever heard him yell at someone. I honestly had trouble thinking of a time when he had.) My host parents are very nice, but the house is so loud because the parents (particularly the dad) yell at the three kids when they won't behave and then the kids yell at the parents and at each other.


(Of course, my dad probably appreciated that my sister and I were basically the perfect children. And I say that as humbly as possible.)

I'm also appreciative of the fact that Taylor Swift's newest album is on Spotify, because it is all so damn catchy and if I were alone in the house I would be singing very loudly to "Red" right now. I want to learn to play the banjo.

Oh, and also that a shoe store reminded me today that this song exists.

So, Groupthink, tell me what you're grateful for/appreciative of today!

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