You know how this works, right? Whether everything is awesome for you or October has lived up to its dreary destiny, find one thing you appreciate/are thankful for/love and post it here. Even if it's just this drawing of Batman holding kitties.

Today I'm going to go with one that has been said time and time again, because it's always worth repeating. Last week I was having a really shitty, self-pitying, fall-into-a-spiral-of-hate-and-tears kind of night and was about to vent about it, but instead I decided to write something that had been composing itself in the back of my mind for a few weeks. And while the writing was cathartic, the support I got from all of you was the best and made what was starting off as a shit week into a pretty decent one. So thank you, Groupthink. I appreciate/am grateful for/love you all.

Also, fuzzy socks. These things are amazing.