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Post your favorite selfies here!

Morning Gloria and I disagree about selfies. She reads them as shouting "DO YOU THINK I'M PRETTY??" which would indeed be pretty disempowering and whatnot.

I, on the other hand, read the selfie as a proclamation: "I THINK I'M PRETTY!!"

As someone who's gone through eating disorders, dysmorphia, and all the other stuff that like 90% of teenagers these days seem to encounter, I feel like the act of posting a selfie is PRETTY RADICAL and also really great.


So I'm going to post my favorite selfies here, right now, because I think I'm really pretty damn it and no one can tell me not to. I'm not asking for validation, critique, or whatever else - I just think I'm pretty and I think you will agree. That's how certain I am!

Fellow groupthink people, post your selfies! Preferably of yourself, but if you have someone else's selfies at your disposal and they wouldn't be mad, go for it. Woooo!

I really liked my eye makeup here. And my face, in general.


I was getting my hair done! Excitement!


I could have just posted a picture with this dog, but instead I posted a picture of MYSELF with the dog because I thought BOTH of us looked cute.


I was drunk when I took this one. So... whatever.


I made that flower crown myself! And I think I look good!


I was bored in traffic. YES, I TOOK A SELFIE WHILE DRIVING. I am doing everything #wrong. but I look pretty!! (Also the traffic wasn't really even moving I swear to god, don't try to drive into Boston at the same time that everyone else does, because it's a bad idea).

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