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It’s Friday! Woot!

My professor emailed me the letter of recommendation that he wrote me (shhhh) and it’s really good, I think! He’s the Director of Anatomy and Physiology, and he said that I maintained an average in the top 1% of the class population of 500 students and was one of the best students he’s had in 40 years and a bunch of other stuff. He said I work well both individually and collaboratively, helped other students, and gave me his highest recommendation without reservation, basically a check list of everything good you could want in a recommendation!

Forgive my bragging, I’m just excited! My GPA from when I was young and stupid is only OK (3.2+ish), so all my other stuff is super important. I’m also getting two recommendations from a practice that takes students from one of the programs I’m applying for. I just may get into grad school, yet, guys! I honestly didn’t think I was going to get in this year, now I’m feeling more hopeful. I’ve gotten all As and one B (damn you Physics!) in the pre-reqs that I’ve taken most recently and I hope that weighs more heavily than my spotty as fuck undergrad transcripts (I was on the Dean’s List four semesters, but only had just over a 3.2... you do the math!), which I know reflect very poorly on me.


Oh well, I can’t change the past. Wish me luck!

Now, I want to hear about your good news! What’s cookin,’ GT?

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