Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Post your old blogs / live journals / webpages!

Did anyone else frequent gURL.com in the '90s? I just looked at it, and it's decidedly more teen mag-ish than it was back then - more headlines about boys, etc. I remember more as a feminist site for pre-teens & teens.

They hosted webpages, too, on gURLpages.com. I had a blog (or 3) on there. My site was a "featured gURLpage" for a little bit, and these girls from a rival high school figured how who I was and called me stuck-up bitch. I had a friend in Seattle, Claire, who I made because she emailed me after my page was featured. I wish I knew what she was doing now!


It was such an achievement for me because I taught myself HTML and some basic javascript and css. I made graphics for my pages and everything. My favorite was when I took a Rembrandt toothpaste ad, photoshopped the red lips to be a pale pink, used it as the background for my site and made a drop-down box of links in the middle of the mouth. It was so hard! I wish I had access to those pages now. All of my gURLpages and my Tripod sites no longer exist.

Do any of you have your old webpages / blogs / Live Journals / Open Diary pages still? SHARE THE LINKS! I want to share your teen angst!

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