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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Postcrossing Hobby Update

In July I started participating on the website Postcrossing to exchange postcards with internet strangers [Original Post]. I wanted to give everyone an update on how that has been going.

1. Nobody has stolen my identity or anything. I don’t feel like my information is insecure or in danger.


2. I have sent postcards to Germany, Russia, Canada, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland, Japan, China, Taiwan, Lithuania, and the USA (FL, PA, and RI). Total: 13

3. I have received postcards from Germany, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Belarus, Indonesia, and the USA (OK, WA, CO). Total: 11


I bought a binder with special plastic pages to hold my received postcards and it’s been interesting getting messages from people. I’ve been told about several local culinary dishes, some idioms in other languages, and just some well wishes and fun facts about people. One woman from Germany was excited that I was a newlywed (info from my profile) and sent me 2 postcards with lots of well wishes.

I have like 1000+ forever stamps from my aunt so the only thing this has cost me is the price of the postcards. For anyone interested an international letter from the USA costs $1.15 right now, and a domestic postcard would cost $0.35.

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