I was hoping to have this colored, but didn't quite have the time to get it right. Oh well.

My submission for Groupdraw is for "Fire" by Kristin Cashore. I chose to draw the title name heroine of the book in one of my favorite scenes - one of the only scenes where her red hair is front and center, since she usually wears it covered (a key point of the book.)

Which is why I don't like this cover-


Too much boobies and too much hair and too much prettiness. It really doesn't represent what the book is about - a woman who is so beautiful that she has to keep herself covered for fear of driving people mad (it's a much better set up in the book, I promise). I love the scene I illustrated because it is one of the few scenes in the beginning of the book where she is really taking control of her appearance to save people. She is basically using herself as a distraction. The other MAJOR problem with this cover is that Fire is described as a WOC in a sequel to her story. I feel like that should really be represented, because, really, how many fantasy stories have a WOC as the main character?

At least the prior cover is better than this one


Covers with objects instead of people are SO boring. I really dislike that Twilight was one of the leaders of this new style. Bleh.