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Posting-privilege (and great week) EXCITMENT

I've had such a great week. On Wednesday, I accepted a great, full-time-with-benefits job after six months of part-time. I realize now how lucky I was to have the part-time job, which did eventually work out to be a foot-in-the-door to this new job that I'm very excited about — much more badass people have had it much worse, but DAMN IF IT WASN'T TOUGH to deal with. I had never been unemployed before and I moved to a new town in April with the hubris of a thousand Greeks, thinking that changing careers at age 24 in the midst of economic turmoil would be a breeze. (lolwut!, silly six-months-ago Crankster.)

Now I feel much more on solid ground, with things going much better relationship-wise and having, I think/hope, grown quite a bit for those rocky moments. True under-employment (rather than the haughty "I'm too good for this shiz" frustration I had at my last job — it was partly true, but I had the attitude of insubordinate little shit in a lot of ways, too) has helped me gain a little patience, a little gratitude, and, if I keep working on it, more of a "baseline happiness." My goal now is to keep it up — and not measure my worth by "things" like accomplishments.


Anywayz, enough of my therapy session. : D

Thank you to the mods for the posting privilege,

and as I check my privileges in a lot of ways, I'm looking forward to contributing to this awesome community.

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