I had a dream yesterday early morning. I remember a brand new piano and relishing in the new-piano-smell (what the fuck is that even?) when opening the lid and the.. um.. other lid? cover? It was a .. um.. grand? (I need to learn English piano vocabulary). Then, my father pouring sand between the keys (because that's how you're supposed to take care of your brand new piano in dreamland, duh) and me wiping all reachable inside wood surfaces with a damp cloth (slightly less wtf than the sand bit, but still). And then I woke up still smelling the new piano smell.

And later at work I found out I have GT posting privileges! And the I celebrated with having regular and white chocolate mousse for dessert!

So GT is like a new baby grand I get to open up now! And play! And take care of with the sand of the words of my ancestors!.. or smth o.O

Feel free to offer your own explanations to the symbols in my dream! And gifs with pianos and/or sand!