First of all, I am so happy to have posting privileges! Thank you so much, I hope I can live up to the honor!

I really love the entire GT community, everyone is so thoughtful and nice and intelligent. I know I can come here for advice, or to feel better by finding a cool gif or 50. I can find any topic under the sun here and discuss it freely without being judged. It's a wonderful place.

There are a few subjects I'm fleshing out to become posts, but for now I'll write a couple blurbs.


1. This is nothing new, but I hate when people post very unflattering pictures of you on FB. Everyone, by now, knows what they are doing. My crazy sister decided to post the worst, most unflattering pix of me onto FB from her bridal shower. Seriously, when half the picture is a close up of me taking a bite of food, eyes half closed in a blink and the comment is "Aww, look at so-and-so holding the baby, Practicing much?" (when so-and-so is so far back in the picture that they are blurry) - how do you justify that?! I think there should be fines for posting awful pictures of people on purpose.

2. Mr.Dude and I have discovered that while cats hate being dressed up in clothes, costumes and harnesses... they become little love sluts of affection while swaddled in all that swag. Humans know that this is just a ploy to get the harness of, and yet the kitty tries on and on to love on you so much that you'll take pity on them. I advise harnessing all kitties. You'll thank me later.


3. I feel like a horrible feminist because I want to play Dragon's Crown when it comes out. Yes, I hate the art style (misogyny). Yes, I hate all the online defense of the art style. Yes, I am getting fed up with games like this coming out on the regular, while games geared toward females are supposedly impossible. I however, really enjoyed Odin Sphere. The stories were great and wonderful, the art was insanely gorgeous, the females were the strongest and most important characters. If anything, I would highlight that as a standard for making games for women. So I am angry and sad that the next big game to come out is Dragon's Crown. I am hoping that there will be a really deep, wonderful story in there. But wanting to play it, and even hoping for better when the artwork is so awful makes me feel like I am failing myself and my gender. I just want to play games guys. Why does it have to be so hard?

4. I am going to try to make shrimp scampi for the first time in my life tonight. With frozen shrimp in a bag. I have no idea how to dethaw the shrimp. Same as chicken? Throw in some ice water and change out as needed until thawed? I have parsley, lemon juice, butter, garlic... should I add something else? A secret ingredient that everyone swears by? (honeslty, once I'm done with this recipe, and if it comes out well, I want to try a cilantro shrimp scampi! Is that possible?!)


5. I am so excited to be able to talk about all this stuff with you guys and be a part of the amazingness that is GroupThink!