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First things first, I'm Ossifrage: your friendly neighborhood avian, and OH MAN I AM SO EXCITED HI.

I'm way stoked to have posting privileges on GT, and to have a chance to participate more fully in the fantastic community here. You guys are the best.


I didn't want to make my first post nothing but a crazy freakout, so I thought I'd include some actual news. I searched around and it didn't seem that we'd had a chat about this story, so here we go!

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced that they would be extending full marriage benefits to same sex couples, including housing and healthcare, and everything else that married couples currently receive. This news alone would be cause for celebration, but it has additionally been announced that the military will be granting a 10-day leave for gay couples stationed in non-same-sex marriage states, in order for them to travel to one of the 13 states in which same-sex marriage is recognized.

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