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Posting Privileges - I Has Them! So This Is Me, Please Ask Me Anything

So, I've been sitting on this, trying to come up with a good first post since I received these fan-fucking-tastic new powers last week.

You may know me. I'm SaintRidley, married to the Prophet Ripley. We have a cat, Shelly. I live in The People's Republic of Iowa, where I am what you might see referred to on the news as a "union thug." By that, I mean I'm a graduate student studying for my PhD in English with a focus on early medieval literature. I'm particularly interested in Old English and Old Spanish. If I could find a copy of the facsimile of the Old English Illustrated Hexateuch at a reasonable price, well...

Anyway, about me outside my work stuff. I'm either a Brony or a Pegasister, depending on how you perceive my gender through my posts, and you're free to perceive me as you please. The Prophet Ripley and I are currently watching Buffy through, since we only ever caught sporadic episodes when we were younger. I've also just finished a summer-long binge of Star Trek watching, leaving me only Voyager and Enterprise left for series (my brain is now filled with awesome ideas for a new Star Trek series and I wish I could make it happen).

Other things I do. I write poetry, and occasionally short stories. Some of it even gets published, which is pretty cool. I used to write Harry Potter fanfiction, which I like to think was not bad as far as Potter fanfic goes. Cooking is probably the most fun in my day to day doings, especially when I get to cook pasta. I also collect coins, and these beauties arrived a couple days ago. By far one of the best designs ever put on U.S. coinage:


So, that's about everything I can think of right now. But feel free to ask me anything and say hi and chat among yourselves. There are cookies over there and some chips and salsa as well. Just don't touch the purse.

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