This was me all weekend. First I finished my first 10k, then I got to eat a good ass steak, and then I checked my kinja stuff and found that Groupthink was officially on my blogs!

Thanks to Slay and all the Groupthink team for going through the approval process of all of us newbies! And of course to the pros who so openly offered kind words welcoming us to the community, first as commenters and now as posters.

As a newbie, here are some quick facts that you may already know about me, but if not:

-I have 2 kids.

-I am a WoC, specifically Latina, I am an educator focused on College access (as a job I am a college counselor).


—My primary focus in on urban-first generation students of color in the Bay Area. I am passionate around social justice in education, so if you see "serious posts" from me they will probably be about that. And of course the institutionalized oppression of people of color which creates the educational access disparity in the U.S.

—-But mostly I just like to have fun and play with GIFs. I am a fangirl of Tom Hiddleston. #TEAMDOG4EVA. I love Star Wars and Marvel. I like to run (but am not like an ultrarunner).I love living in the Bay Area- I can DO EVERYTHING here. Which just about covers the basics.


—OHHH I also love really corny jokes and hate to internet fight. It gives me way too much anxiety.

I'm so excited!!!