First came the privileges, yay!

Then there was blood. My dog cut his paw last night, and the cuts are not long but they're a little deep. It was late, I got everything cleaned up and seemingly under control. Only in the morning when I checked on him I found they were still not closing, and also bleeding bits here and there after being licked at.

Luckily my mom was available to watch my kids after my son's speech therapy so I could take my occasionally-bloody dog to the vet without also having to wrangle them. I started out going to the Dollar Wise clinic because they are cheap and you don't need an appointment. Nope, closed on Mondays. So I went a couple blocks down to an emergency vet place I knew about, but they have a specialist that comes in on Mondays and they only do that, no emergencies. At least they give me a lead on another place where I did get my dog looked at fairly quickly considering I didn't have an appointment.

Sedation and sutures were $800 so I went with option #2 and he got an antibiotic shot and the cone of shame for $200. I get to soak his paw in warm water and epsom salt twice a day.

That took up most of my day so now I write this amidst my squalor, having had no time to clean. (Plus I'm new and I want to fit in.)