*trigger warning* I discuss pregnancy weight gain/loss.

Baby Haa is almost 2 weeks old already! It's been a very trying/rewarding two weeks. The last weight check we brought her in for had her 4 oz above her birth weight and she seems to be a happy content baby.

I have absolutely loved NOT being pregnant the last two weeks. I haven't had a single bout of heartburn and can sleep on my stomach again! I had gained a lot more weight than I wanted to (56lbs) and was feeling pretty down on myself for it. Turns out a significant amount of that weight was due to all the fluid I was retaining. I weighed myself earlier this week and my total weight loss is at 33lbs so far. Mr. Haa can barely keep his hands off me since, according to him, I look like the old Lizzhaa again. The remaining 4 weeks is going to be tough (sidenote: I really need to stop reading about all GT's sexytime adventures because it's making it really hard to wait). The funny thing is I still have fluid retention going on. My wedding ring still doesn't fit and by the end of the day there is slight swelling in my legs/ankles. Any idea how long it will take for this to go away completely? I've been drinking a ton of water and breastfeeding every 2-3 hours.


My episiotomy hasn't given me any pain/discomfort. In fact when I look down there I can't even tell I was cut/stitched up. Which brings me to my next question. How will I know the stitches dissolved and I can go back to wiping like normal instead of using the delightful squirt bottle?

Now on to more unpleasantness: Lochia. It is THE WORST! I am so sick of dealing with pads and the smell. I wish I knew when it was going to subside. It's been fairly light but the flow hasn't seemed to diminish since the first few days postpartum. I did have some issues delivering my placenta (as in my doctor was wrist deep in me sweeping it out and OMG the pain was worse than the birth itself) but only passed one big clot. Someone tell me it just sort of stops one day so I can hold out hope that it's near the end.