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So over the last month, Mr. Ivriniel has seemed really down. I thought he was depressed, and convinced him to make an appointment for counselling through my EAP. He went on Tuesday.

The rest of the week he seemed progressively more lethargic. By Thursday, he was feeling so exhausted he was having trouble walking. I was concerned and took his blood pressure, which was in the OK range, but his pulse was a little high. He says it’s always high, though.

Friday morning when I was getting ready for work he seemed better. I got to work to discover that 1/2 my class was away. 1 kid threw up, and two more went home with stomach aches. As the day went on, I felt progressively worse, and by hometime I was having chills, and horrible gas pain. Oh, joy, it’s the semi annual GI bug.


I drag myself home. Mr. I is on the couch looking really lethargic. I curl up beside him, and then he falls off the couch and can’t seem to get himself back up.

He ended up crawling across the floor to the bedroom. I am alarmed, and message his sister, who’s an RPN. She is also alarmed, and has me perform a stroke check. No sign of stroke. Take his vitals again, and his pulse is still fast. I consider taking him to the hospital, but a) I can’t move him on my own, and b) I do not want to take my plague into a place with sick people unless I absolutely have to. If he’s going, it will be by ambulance on his own.

Then his sister says “Wait, is he on a potassium depleting diuretric? I know he’s on a diuretic, but don’t know what it is, so I google it, and tell her. Yup, it is.

She says that exhaustion, general muscle weakness and a fast pulse are all symptoms of low potassium. As she is saying this, I recall Mr. I telling me that his Doctor had told him after some blood work a while back that his sodium was a bit low, probably due to his diuretic, and that he could ease up on his sodium reduced diet.


I tell her I have Gastrolyte (oral rehydration salts that contain potassium among other things) in the house, and ask if I should give him some? She says to try it, and monitor him. If he gets any worse though, to call 911. I give him a glass to drink right away, and then make a second one for him to sip more slowly. 3 hours later, he gets up, and comes downstairs, looking more energetic than he has all month.

This morning he is still feeling better, though stubbornly when I tried to get him to call the GP’s office to make an appointment, he declined, insisting he would do it later. He has bloodwork he needs to get done before he goes back to the Doctor, (which includes tests for his sodium and potassium levels) and he is needlephobic, so... I am just going to have to keep *encouraging* him to do so.


Before I got sick I was planning on offering to take him to the lab for the bloodwork today (it helps if I hold his hand). I don’t have the chills anymore, but my colon feels like someone is trying to inflate it as a novelty hot air balloon, so I don’t think I should go out.

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