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Potential craigslist ad thoughts

I'm thinking of posting a craigslist ad in casual encounters because I'm bored and would not mind getting some. I might chicken out when it comes down to the actual act, but I might as well try, right? At the very least, it will cure my boredom.

Here are some things I might need help with in writing the ad:

-Is there a word that conveys that my body type is not skinny, not fat, but somewhere in between? Other than "average", that is, which to me means nothing. It's like saying "medium". There's "zaftig", which I kinda like, but I don't know if the average joe will know that word? Should I use it and just go with the responses that come in that know the word? I don't want to marry the guy or anything, but I wouldn't mind having a mental connection as well as physical, you know?


-I can't host- maybe this is a good thing, because then there's no way the guy could stalk me, but not having a place to take potential hookups scares me a little. Should I proceed anyway?

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