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Potential Fraud Question

Something really weird is happening and I don’t know if there is something to worry about or not, because I can’t figure out how it even happened.

My husband got an email that looked to be from SunTrust saying this:

SunTrust reviews account activity on a regular basis to help protect our clients’ accounts. We recently identified unusual activity on your SunTrust account ending in **** from **** for $***.** on 01/03/2017.

If you recognize this transaction as valid, no further action is required.

If you do not recognize this transaction, please contact us immediately at 800-447-8994 or visit your local branch. A new online banking password should also be created to protect your account.


I recognized the payment as one I made to my credit card. Definitely nothing unusual or suspicious about it. I make such payments all the time and it wasn’t for an unusual amount.

What is very unusual and suspicious is that it is MY bank account number in question. My husband’s name is not on the account at all. Nor is his email address in any way associated with it. So why would he get this email?


Everything about the email looks legit. It is identical to other legit emails I get from SunTrust. We didn’t click any links in case it is a phishing scam, but i googled SunTrust fraud and the phone number listed in the email is legit.

So should I be worried about my bank account being hacked? But if it was, then why would they have erroneously emailed my husband? I’m so confused about what is happening here! Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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