Creeping Beauty said to clear browser cache and cookies. I tried clearing cache then retesting, no good. Then I cleared cookies and that worked. I'm not sure if clearing cache is required but clearing cookies definitely is. ETA: instructions incoming.

I searched cookies for: kinja, gawker, jezebel— and deleted all of those. Then I went through domain folders are deleted any gawker sites. Subsequent page refresh seems to have fixed it.

I didn't want to delete all my cookies. I don't want to relog in to everything else. :)

For all browsers listed below, this was tested on desktop/laptops; for all except Safari, assume Windows. There should be a similar method on OSX for those browsers. I have no idea how to manage settings on devices, but theoretically, the process should be similar. Safari was tested pre-Snow-Leopard because my Mac is old.


  • Firefox (upper left menu icon)> Options
  • Click "advanced" tab.
  • Click network tab.
  • Under "cached web contect" hit "clear now" button.
  • Go to tab "privacy"
  • Under "History" section, look for text "remove individual cookies." Click this.
  • This will open another box that has a search function at top. Enter search terms above. When results appear, click the first one and shift select the last one. Click "Remove cookie."
  • Scroll through folders. Click any folder that looks like a kinja site, click "remove cookie," repeat until the end.



  • Click the "chrome menu button" (same icon as next to your notification icon on this page, like an equals sign but with 3 bars)
  • Select tools
  • Click "clear browsing data"
  • Under "obliterate the following items from: select "the beginning of time."
  • Uncheck everything except "empty the cache." (If you want to clear cookies here, leave that checked also.)
  • Click "clear browsing data"
  • Click the "chrome menu button" (same icon as next to your notification icon on this page, like an equals sign but with 3 bars)
  • Click "settings"
  • Scroll down and click "advanced settings"
  • Under "privacy" click "content settings"
  • Under "cookies" click "all cookies and site data"
  • enter search terms listed above, hit enter, hit "remove all"
  • hit the x in the search box to clear search terms, hit enter
  • scroll through the sites listed for kinja sites. For each, click the site to highlight and click the x to the right of the name.


IE 10:

  • with IE as the active window, hit f12
  • click cache tab
  • click clear browser cache
  • hit yes to confirm
  • click clear cookies for domain, travel around to other kinja domains and click clear cookies there too. Most importantly, go to and clear there as well as clearing jezebel.
  • OR to clear all cookies, click the gear in the upper right, click safety, click delete browsing history, uncheck everything except "cookies and website data," click delete. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you uncheck "preserve favorites website data" since you probably have groupthink bookmarked, so that would retain the cookies that you want to delete.



  • Click "Safari" in upper left
  • Click "Empty Cache"
  • Click "Safari" again
  • Click "Preferences"
  • Click "Security" tab
  • Click "shoe cookies button"
  • Search for term listed above, select all cookies, click remove
  • Scroll through list, select and delete any cookies from kinja sites.

Android default browser (phone, hopefully tablet):

  • Tap upper right button that looks like 3 stacked dots
  • Tap settings
  • Tap Privacy & security
  • Tap "clear cache"
  • Under "cookies" tap "clear all cookie data" (I did not find an option for clearing only some cookies)


I hope that fixes everyone.