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Coming to terms with my own classism

(Formerly "Potentially Awkward Dating Question")

Hi, this what I originally wrote:

*I am officially a member of the Working Poor. I live in a nice apartment (subsidized by my parents) but I have very little disposable income. I work in the service industry - I'm not management material at all, but I've been employed for many years at the same job.


I find that every woman I date has a better job than me. It doesn't really bother me, but I get the sneaking suspicion that they don't ever see a future with me, that I'm "just a salesclerk."

I feel hypocritical that I don't date women in my income bracket. (I wrote here that it's because I like dating educated women, but I realize that's super douchy)

What should I do? Is there a dating site for overeducated and underemployed people?*

I didn't say so, but it was really in response to a comment on MoGlo's article about dating unemployed guys, where someone said that guys won't take jobs "beneath" them. Well, I've been told thar my job's "beneath" me, and I don't know if that's true.


I grew up in a middle-class liberal background where there was a benignly paternalistic attitude towards poor people - lots of charity, not a lot of actual interaction. So being "working poor" (I really do qualify) has been hard for me. Also, I believe that in my extended family I'm only one of two adults without a higher degree. So there's a lot of pressure to prove that I'm smart. I should not have put it in terms of education, when really I meant shares interests.

It's not that I'm even that highbrow - I mean, my avatar is from something most people think of as a kid's show.


Thank you guys for gently reminding me that things are never simple, and that I've got a lot to learn

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