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Potentially embarrassing fiction research question. Honestly! Research!

Okay here's the question:

What book (literary rather than pulp erotica) might a teenage girl in the 90s read and be inspired to try really effective masturbation techniques?


Don't give me that look! I swear, it's for a story I'm working on. I swear, I'm not some kind of pervert! Or, this question is unrelated to any perversion I may or may not have.

Here's what the text might look like (for context, this girl experiences the world through books. She is brilliant and imaginative, but incredibly naive and strangely literal in her interpersonal relations)

Victoria's discovery of the apparent truth about male/female friendships led her to the conclusion that any sort of intimate, committed relationship — particularly one involving sex — would simply not be worth the associated investment of time and emotion, at least not until she reached an age at which her male peers were more mature. From what she had read, sex did sound like an invigorating experience, and she could not help regretting the decision to forgo it for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, this was around the same age that she discovered masturbation, and after having read [title of book], she felt like she'd really perfected an effective technique. What need was there for a high-risk activity like sex when there was a perfectly acceptable no-risk substitute that provided adequate satisfaction of the sexual urges she felt.


There's a lot more to it (not all of it written down yet, unfortunately). But I'm curious to know if anyone has any suggestions. Again, I want to emphasize that I'm not pervertedly digging for steamy stories from the hivemind...

I'm doing that thing where the more I explain something, the more it seems like I'm lying, so I'll shut up now.

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