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Potentially good news - New Orleans is probably going to elect its first female mayor today (a black woman, too!)

LaToya Cantrell is the strong front runner for mayor. Like in all our elections, if she doesn’t get 50% we’ll have a runoff. Hopefully not. New Orleans is pretty liberal (especially for the south) but it is still rife with corruption and boys’ clubs like so many liberal places.

Our second frontrunners are people of color as well - Michael Bagneris and Desiree Charbonnet. I think Bagneris would be an OK second choice - I don’t know what to make of Charbonnet. I was specifically turned off by her because she would not commit us to (or even comment on) being a sanctuary city, but she’s being targeted really viciously with a smear campaign from a lot of directions.


In this dumb article criticizing that no one is crazy enough in this election, it’s pretty clear the main candidates are on the same page on a lot of things. Apparently early results show low engagement but we also had a hurricane scare during the last early voting weekend so....

Anyway, here’s hopin’!

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