I am so drowsy. I went to bed at 2, having taken 5 medications. I got up at 2 and ever since then, I'm been trying to make sense of things. I was supposed to work on my laptop for a bit to prepare for a hack night tonight, where I wanted to get help getting python/ django/ mySQL/ mezzanine running. But I'd be effectively driving drunk, then showing up confused and unable to understand what people are trying to help with. Since my intention was also to impress people with my braininess in an attempt to get a job, showing up would actually backfire. Instead, I have decided to distract you from the drama llama and talk about why I can't brain so good right now.

Potentiation is the drug interaction that is causing my drowsiness. Let's say that you take two antihistamines that have sleepiness as a side-effect, like Benadryl and Chlortrimeton. Let's imagine that Benadryl is +1 sleepiness and Chlortrimeton is +1 sleepiness.

If Benadryl and Chlortrimeton do not potentiate, then 1 + 1 = 2. You are now +2 sleepies.

If Benadryl and Chlortrimeton do potentiate, then 1 + 1 = 4. You are now +4 sleepies.


You can think of it as a group hug. A hug from one friend is great. A hug from another friend is great. Hugs from two friends are better than 2 times the greatness of a hug from one.

But it's not really like a group hug. It's more like being the woman in a Kotaku thread about sexism in games, only the woman is a metaphor for your last fucking nerve. So there you are, your last fucking nerve, surrounded by a sexist troll ninja pile-on. One punches you in the last nerve with "games aren't for girls anyway." Another nabs you with a left "why can't men have their own things?" Suddenly, a "men are objectified in games too!" from below and a near-simultaneous "cry much, pussy?" from behind. Each hit is a minor attack but the sum total is greater than the sum of the hits; the sum total is NERDRAGE.


Here's a summary of what I took last night: +2 sleepiness that potentiates with +1 sedation that potentiates with both +1 sleepiness and +1 sleepiness, one of which potentiates with the aforementioned +2 sleepiness, the first three of which also potentiate with a +2 sleepiness for a grand total of...


What I'm saying is: You have this receptor. When something the right shape gets close to it, it gets a hug from the receptor and the receptor fires, making you a tiny bit sleepy. If something the same shape gets close to it, it goes all tribalism/ingroup favoritism and waits its turn for a receptor hug. If something almost the same shape gets close to it and notices that the one getting a hug has a hoodie, it kicks the hugee in the nuts to make it let go so it can get a hug from the receptor, because privilege, which makes you a little bit sleepy. But then that guy who was waiting in line is all "Hey, asshole, no cutting!" and whacks that other dude on the head, getting a hug from the receptor, making you a little bit sleepy.


But because those dudes are all fucking impatient and macho, instead of waiting their turns like normal people, they just stand around fighting, getting infinite hugs. Wait, it's not like Kotaku comments at all.

Don't mix drugs, kids. Don't mix drugs.