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Pour one out for Alconleigh, today's first confirmed GM-backlash death

It appears so far that at least one longtime commenter, Alconleigh, has been banned from Jezebel for expressing her disgust with Gawker’s homophobic, bullying “journalism” published last night and with the less-than-stellar responses of a few Jez writers.

Her last comment, posted on this morning’s dirt bag:

I was going to post this under a burner, but then I realized it doesn’t really mean anything if I don’t put my “name” to this comment.

I just wanted to say that for a few days, I’m boycotting gawker media. You all know why. Although I know Jez didn’t have anything to do with “that post”, the fact that at least one of your writers has taken to social media to defend it (albeit pretty flippantly) really concerns me. I was drawn to Jez because it seemed like a safe space for women and feminists and fans of open discussion and, like, fans of being a decent person. I dont feel comfortable giving revenue by way of a substantial number of clicks a day (seriously guys, I refer my notifications a LOT) to GM right now. I just don’t.

I still love Jez for the community and for the vast majority of its writers.

But for now I need I do a mini-flounce.

Also, please dont ban me :}

And her ghost, communicating with us from the grave:


Her ghost’s comment can be found here.

So far Jezebel writers have been mostly silent about the Gawker mess. Below are the only Jezebel comments I’ve seen.

NVC’s twitter.


Kara’s twitter.

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